10 dog rescue groups that made a difference in 2015


The past year has given us some pretty amazing and uplifting stories of dog rescue operations that have made a huge difference in the world. Every organization that rescues dogs is worthy of respect and celebration in our book. Some of these relief groups really stood out for the work they did in 2015, and we wanted to take a moment to review their accomplishments. Here are ten dog rescue groups who worked hard to make a difference in the lives of dogs and humans in 2015.

1. National rescue of mill dogs

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How not to celebrate the group that works closely with Harley, the one-eyed Chihuahua who became Hero Dog Of The Year of the American Humane Association? Harley was a puppy mill dog who was seriously injured and ill from the appalling conditions he lived in most of his life. National windmill dog rescue works with Harley’s campaign and advocates to save dogs from puppy mills like him. Working with the Harley To The Rescue campaign and other similar programs, National Mill Dog Rescue has rescued over 10,400 dogs and placed them in homes. They continue to save mill dogs and work hard to find foster homes for them where they can experience freedom and love. You can follow them on Facebook for regular updates on their rescue efforts with photos and videos of several of their dogs.

2. Hope for the paws

We cannot rent Hope for paws enough. We have reported on their efforts several times over the past year. They regularly post videos to YouTube of their work, capturing stray animals in need of medical help and care. And some of the transformations from street dog to happy, loving pet are so amazing that they would be hard to believe if you hadn’t seen it happening right in front of your eyes. These videos are so inspiring and really show how important rescue efforts are and how a little bit of love and care can go a long way. You can follow them on Facebook for updates on their rescued dogs and see where they are now.

3. Angels among us

Viral hugging dogs are in a crate on the left and with their new owners on the right.

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You may remember the viral dog hugs at the start of the year. A photo of the two puppies hugging each other while waiting at a slaughter shelter has gone viral online and the dogs have found their forever homes. Good, Angels among us is the nonprofit group tasked with posting the photo and spreading the word. They regularly add photos to their Facebook Dogs in Need page and help spread their stories so someone can be relocated and give them a home. Their goal is to save as many animals as possible from the slaughter shelters, and they are doing a great job. They are also posting their animal success stories with their new loving families, who have given us lots of smiles over the past year.

4. Chicago Animal Advocates

Five Beagle puppies sit together on a blanket.

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When Chicago Animal Advocates rescued a pregnant beagle named Echo, they had no idea her puppies would be born with a cleft palate and would need tube feeding and surgery to survive. But they knew they had to help. They started fundraiser to save the puppies, an effort underway at the time of writing, and are still fighting to keep these dogs healthy. This is a non-profit group trying to save dogs and cats at risk of being euthanized in slaughter shelters, and as a relatively new and small operation, it’s hard to cover the costs. costs. We congratulate them for continuing to fight for Echo’s puppies.

5. Unlimited animal assistance

This group in India is posting some of the most incredible animal transformation stories we’ve ever seen. Some of the animals they collect from the streets of India are in horrible condition, suffering from mange, dehydration and starvation. But after a few months with Unlimited animal assistance, these animals look brand new, just like any dog ​​you would see in a normal, loving home. The changes they are undergoing are shocking to say the least. Their YouTube videos are hard to watch at first, but seeing the happy faces of fully recovered dogs at the end is very inspiring.

6. K9 for warriors

It’s disheartening to hear statistics of our soldiers returning from the war with physical and mental injuries, but K9 for warriors helps place service dogs with veterans to help them cope when they return home. The good thing about these dogs is that 95% of them are rescue and shelter dogs whose lives have been turned upside down by the program. They provide therapy and reassurance to soldiers who desperately need companionship to readjust to civilian life. In fact, Axel, a program dog who was paired with Captain Jason Haag, was named one of the American Human Association’s Hero Dogs of the Year, like Harley.

7. Howling of a dog

We were brought to tears by the story of a Romanian street dog who was absolutely terrified of human interaction. That is, until she feels the joy of having her own bed, toys and brushes. Howling of a dog stepped in to pick up Zuzi the dog from the streets. She had bad chips and scratch injuries. The rescue group treated and helped her socialize, and within a month, she found her permanent home in Canada. She went from fearful dog to family friend with just a little love.

8. Change For Animals Foundation

One of the stories we are saddest to cover is the South Korean dog meat market where dogs are raised for their meat. This year, however, the Change Foundation for Animals partnered with Humane Society International to save 57 dogs and puppies that were supposed to go to the market. The dogs were placed in shelters in San Francisco and the farmer who housed them agreed to use his land for other farming purposes. It might not mean winning the war against dog breeding, but it sure is a huge battle won.

9. The happy animal club

A boy puts dog food in a bowl on a porch.  A dog lies down in the background.

(Photo credit: HappyAnimalsClub.org)

The Happy Animals Club proves that you don’t need money to start a benevolent rescue operation. You don’t even have to be an adult. You can just be someone who cares about you, like Ken, a boy from the Philippines who made his own refuge. He was only ten years old when he became the founder of the Happy Animals Club, a non-profit shelter he runs from his garage. He helps lost, sick or hungry animals and posts their stories online so fans can follow and contribute if they wish. Ken shows us that sometimes all you need is love to make a difference.

10. Saving Karma

the Paws for life program managed by Karma Rescue doesn’t just help dogs get a second chance, it also helps people in prison. The program takes dogs that have been left in shelters due to behavioral issues and matches them with prisoners who help train them. Prisoners, many of whom are serving life sentences, have the opportunity to interact with dogs and make a positive change in their lives, which gives inmates a sense of pride, and some describe it as having a healing effect. emotional. The dogs then have a new chance to find a family. It is a victory for all participants. It’s a great idea and we hope to see programs like this develop in prisons across the country.

Is your favorite rescue group on the list? Which organizations do you think deserve to be recognized for their work in 2015? Let us know in the comments below!


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