A Florida-based dog shelter is working hard to find new homes for dogs displaced in Ukraine or reunite them with their owners

dog shelter, Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR).

According to an interview with Fox News Digital, Laurel Simmons, the chief executive of BDRR estimated that hundreds of thousands of dogs were abandoned and left homeless by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Simmons has been in contact with a Romanian animal shelter near the Ukrainian border, to help them with the first group of around 20 dogs they have recovered from Ukrainian streets and bomb shelters.

In an interview with the WBPF news site, Simmons mentioned that due to the difficulties the cars had during the trip and the hassle of going through customs, the journey was longer.

This caused the dogs to become dehydrated and exhausted.

“What they went through, and what these girls told us the dogs went through, it’s just a miracle they’re even here.”

Simmons’ Big Dog Ranch Rescue will operate for the next four to six months attempting to reunite dogs with their respective owners and find new homes for unowned dogs.

Simmons has rescued displaced dogs over the years since she founded Big Dog Ranch Rescue in 2008 and they commemorated the rescue of more than 50,000 dogs earlier this year and the shelter has become the leading voice for animal rights in the world.


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