A new dog shelter will open in Boone County in 2022


BOONE COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Stray dogs and other animals have been a problem in Boone County for years. Now the county is trying to get the problem under control by building a new dog shelter.

The new dog shelter is a pile of dirt right now, but later this year it should be up and running.

“Lots of strays and lots of people in Boone County who are out of work due to the coal mine closing. There has to be somewhere for a dog to go,” said Sherry Cooke of the Boone Animal Rescue Coalition.

Boone County has a dog shelter in Fosterville, but locals say it’s too far. This new shelter will be just off 119 in a central location where it is easily accessible.

“They are going to have an area where people can come and visit, watch the dogs they want to adopt one or bring one home. This is an area where they can learn about the dogs,” Boone County Commission Chairman Craig Bratcher said.

The facility will also have a grooming station and is expected to accommodate up to 100 dogs.

“It doesn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but it is to me because I’m a dog lover. I have dogs and cats,” Bratcher said.

The Boone County Animal Rescue Coalition or BARC has worked with the county commission for nearly a decade on this project. Their group is too small to handle the capacity of stray dogs.

“If they go into the pound, they’re put on hold for five days, and after those five days, our rescue works with an out-of-state rescue partner and we try to get them moved as quickly as possible,” Cooke said.

“At least they’ll be in a safe area where they don’t have to worry about someone being mean and violent to them and that way we can hopefully find them a new home,” he said. Bratcher said.

The center is expected to open in September.


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