A Toronto dog shelter is still looking for someone to give a one-eyed ‘wink’ to a forever home


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An adorable one-eyed puppy from Jordan named “Wink” is somehow still up for adoption at a dog shelter in Toronto.

“Wink hasn’t been adopted yet,” Nisa Gunduz of Peanut Mutter Rescue told Narcity via email. “While we received a few applications, the overall volume of applications has significantly diminished since things apparently returned to “normal”.

Courtesy of Peanut Mutter Rescue and @rahmehforanimals

Peanut Mutter Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues all kinds of dogs from countries that tend to face higher rates of pet abandonment and euthanasia.

According to the nonprofit, Wink is affectionate, playful, friendly, and full of energy like your typical young pup. The organization added that anyone considering adopting Wink – or any of his other rescue puppies – should be prepared for anything and understand where these dogs are coming from.

“It’s unclear what caused his injury, however, one thing I really want to point out is that it’s a very common occurrence for dogs in Jordan and why I’m so passionate about helping this partner of shelter in particular,” Gunduz said. , and later added that they were working with the Jordanian animal rescue organization Rahmeh Association for Animals.

A Toronto dog shelter is still looking for someone to give a one-eyed 'wink' to a forever home

Courtesy of Peanut Mutter Rescue and @rahmehforanimals

Gunduz told Narcity that they brought in another dog from Jordan who had his tail and part of his tongue cut off, his legs permanently deformed, and a bullet wound in his chest. The dog, Dalia, has since been adopted into her forever home, and Gunduz said her new family “are truly saints”.

“There are so many dogs like Wink that have ‘special needs’ with disabilities largely caused by humans,” Gunduz said.

“I want these success stories to inspire more people to be open to taking a dog that has been abandoned time and time again by humans, and opening their homes and hearts to them.”

As of Thanksgiving Monday, Wink has safely arrived in Canada, but is still in foster care. Anyone interested in adopting Wink can visit Peanut Mutter Rescue’s adoption process page and email them their application form.


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