Albufeira dog shelter forced to move for third time


Albufeira Tiny Shelter Dog Shelter is forced to move third time in seven years after the sale of the land on which it currently stands.

The association has until the end of august to leave the site, time is running out to ensure the dozens of dogs in his care have a new shelter to move to before the deadline.

The good news is that “three very kind angels” have already purchased land near Guia where the dog rescue group can set up their new shelter for 36 dogs and stay there as long as they wish.

“It’s a dream come true as the owners will leave it in their wills for our association, so finally, after so many tears, sleepless nights, anguish and struggle, our dogs will be safe forever,” said Isabel Searle, lead volunteer at Tiny Shelter. the Resident.

The bad news is that around €50,000 is needed to cover the costs of moving to the site, clearing the land, installing electricity, water and sewage, building stalls and dog play areas, shelter fencing and many other expenses.

A GoFundMe page has already raised over €4,700 for the cause, and around €10,000 has been raised through events and other generous donations. However, the association is still far from raising the necessary sum.

It’s a tough job, but the volunteers know they have to tackle it.

“It’s so stressful because we’re racing against time,” Searle told us.

“I felt like we had to give up this time. But then we rescued another dog, then another…and we’re like, who would save them? How could we walk away?

Albufeira dog shelter forced to move for third time
Volunteer Celia Neto

The third time is the charm?

Although it has carried out vital work and recently relocated its 1,000e dog, Tiny Shelter has not received the good fortune it deserves. This will be the third time in seven years that he has been forced to find a new home.

“The first shelter was just a makeshift place, a ruin, where we were allowed to put boxes in to have a safe area for the rescued pooches,” Searle told us.

But on the death of the owner of the land who had left them there “out of kindness”, his heirs forced the association to leave.

“It was horrible, we had nothing in writing so we had no choice but to move quickly. We were only given a few days. It was a nightmare“said the animal lover.

“Luckily we had lots of help from lovely animal supporters and found a way.”

Albufeira dog shelter forced to move for third time
Tiny Shelter ‘sympathiser’ Monique Kaiser (left) and volunteer Margarida Sommer

Tiny Shelter moved to another location which was never considered a permanent solution due to “certain conflicts of interest”, before eventually moving to its current premises, where it was given a renewable five-year lease by the owner, which will only be severed if the property has been sold.

“It was something no one believed would happen because it had been on the market for over 10 years,” the lead volunteer said.

To the “dismay and shock” of the group, an offer was made in November 2021 and the animal association had until the end of August to leave.

Animal volunteers now hope that this new shelter near Guia will finally be a safe haven for dogs that will be a “shelter for all future dogs that will be rescued, even after me volunteers and owners are long gone“said Searle.

But for that to happen, Tiny Shelter needs everyone’s help.

Albufeira dog shelter forced to move for third time

Overcrowded shelter

Even without the difficulties of having enough money to build a new home, Tiny Shelter has its fair share of daily problems to overcome.

The shelter is completely full and every day there are more dogs that need help.

“It’s so hard to say ‘no’ when we find abandoned and abused doggies on a daily basis,” Searle lamented.

There are so many dogs in Tiny Shelter care that need forever homes, so if you want to add a new member to your family, visit the Tiny Shelter Facebook page.

Albufeira dog shelter forced to move for third time
Volunteer Celia Neto

How to help?

You can help Tiny Shelter in several ways.

You can donate by bank transfer (Tiny Shelter Association | IBAN: PT 50 0045 7012 4035 5812 4230 6 | Swift: CCCMPTPL), via PayPal ([email protected]) or via GoFundMe (search “Tiny Shelter Albufeira must movement!’).

You can also join the Teaming group of Tiny Shelter (Tiny Shelter Albufeira – Portugal), where you will donate €1 per month to help with the expenses of the animal charity.

By Michel Bruxo
[email protected]


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