All-Star Stunt Dog Show at Tulsa State Fair Features All Rescue Animals


The All-Star Stunt Dog Show is a big hit at the Tulsa State Fair every year.

The dogs perform tricks and stunts, and all of them are rescues.

Owner Chris Perondi said he travels everywhere but has been coming to the Tulsa State Fair for the longest, 17 years.

Perondi said he was passionate about rescuing animals and adopting pets. Fourteen rescue dogs are part of the show, trained by Perondi and his wife.

The dogs do everything from back jumps, back downs, jump rope, running, catching frisbees and a new one this year, dock diving. He said they train the dogs using positive reinforcement with toys and treats.

He even has a book on it called “The Big Trick Book for the Best Dog Ever” with 118 tricks and stunts from beginner to advanced.

Perondi said that one of his pound dogs, Crazy Confetti, turned out to be one of the biggest stars. He said she even became the National Frisbee Dog Champion.

“From being pounded to a champion like that says a lot that any dog ​​can be trained. It doesn’t matter what age, breed or size or where they come from,” he said. declared Perondi.

“We tour the United States with our dogs. We organize state fairs, county fairs, theme parks, halftime shows of sporting events for the NFL and the NBA,” he said. he declared.

The Stunt Dog Show takes place in front of Central Park Hall at the fair daily at 2:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

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