Almost Home Dog Rescue is looking for homes for Bert and Ernie


Two young residents of Almost Home Dog Rescue are looking to get their forever homes as soon as possible.

Bert and Ernie are two amazing nine-month-old beagle mixes who unfortunately came to the rescue because their previous owners didn’t understand the needs of young dogs and were unable to meet their needs.

Bert is tricolor and Ernie is red and white. These boys are smart and active, so they can get bored very quickly and then look for mischief. Almost Home says they are such hilarious characters and “have the volunteers angry” on a daily basis, describing them as “impossible not to love!” » ‘

WATCH: Bert and Ernie play in a field at Almost Home Dog Rescue

Bert and Ernie may be strong up front but are now trained by Gencon and are doing very well. They are crate and house trained, and are taught door manners as well as basic commands – they learn fast.

These boys travel very well by car and love to watch the world go by. They are so energetic and intelligent that they would be ideal for Canicross and Bikejoring.

They are both toy and food oriented and love to play rough and tumble with each other. They love being outdoors and, typical of their breed, have an incredible sense of smell and an irresistible desire to explore. Both boys are good with people and dogs and are child friendly, but all children should be older and experienced as these boys can be both strong and dynamic.

Bert and Ernie are looking for their forever homes

Almost Home Dog Rescue said: “Bert and Ernie will go a long way in good hands, but they are not for the faint hearted as they both need mental stimulation and daily physical exercise!

“Just a walk is not enough for these two amazing boys. We are looking for a home with hound, beagle or working breed experience and will consider relocating them together or separately but, if they are separated, they should be rehomed with another resident dog, which must have been neutered.”

Can you provide Bert and Ernie with a loving, active, forever home? If so, please complete an adoption application at


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