Almost the last residents of Home Dog Rescue


Meet the last residents of Almost Home Dog Rescue who are looking for their forever home.

Almost Home is a Mold-based dog shelter that is looking for its latest residents to live a good life with the most suitable candidates to offer them a home.

Potential adopters are chosen based on the needs of each dog so that they are satisfied.

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Here are the latest furry friends on the prowl:

The first is Harley


He is about 3-4 years old and is a Mastiff type dog that was stray.

Almost Homes said: “It is sadly clear that this girl is an ex-breeder who, once they were done with her, became a stray! This situation is another reminder why you need to see the living conditions of the puppies and parents when you go to see a puppy, if you decide to shop around and not adopt.

“Since joining us, Harley’s confidence has grown day by day and she is starting to trust people very quickly. As we slowly build her rides and she has ‘little and often’, Harley is now very excited when we show her the head.

“Once Harley trusts you, she loves you! You’ll get big doggy hugs and slobbery kisses. She slowly learns what a toy is and plays when she thinks no one is watching. She is immaculate in her kennel and loves her bed – which we have ensured is large and extremely comfortable.

Harley had a checkup and was sterilized. Her weight and muscles are developing well and she knows a lot of basic commands and walks well in her head.

Harley is happy to walk another dog on a leash with no problem, although she hasn’t been on a leash with others yet. She jumps in the car and is ok on the trip.

There will be updates on Harley as the house learns more about her and her needs. However, they believe Harley is best suited to a home where she is the only animal and a household with large-breed experience.


Chef: YasminYasmine

He is a greyhound who recently arrived after an arduous journey from Ireland. She is settling in well in her new kennel environment.

Yasmine is not yet 2 years old and has been entrusted to Haven Rescue as a failed hunting dog. She travels well in the car and walks well on a leash. She also gets used to traffic. Yasmine is sterilized, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Yasmine is a confident, outgoing and friendly girl and has been happy with other dogs, but not fully tested with other breeds.

Almost home he said: ‘She has a low prey drive which would explain why she was abandoned and early indications suggest she may be cat friendly (subject to proper introductions and testing additional) and we will soon be testing it with small dogs.

“We will continue his evaluation and inform all applicants, but we think Yas would be an ideal sighthound for a first-time owner who has researched sighthounds.”


Chef: Hollyholly

She is a greyhound and will be 3 years old on July 1st. She drives well in the car and walks beautifully on a leash.

Holly is an unsuccessful former racing greyhound who is a little wary of people at first, but soon needs some attention.

Almost Home said: “She has been happy with other dogs, but not on a leash with another breed. This girl is a bit sensitive and desperately needs human companionship and a couch forever. We saw the beginnings of a playful and cheeky nature from Holly and Yas.

“We also think Holly would be suitable for a first time greyhound owner who has done her research and will continue to assess Holly and update all applicants. Child knowledgeable dogs only please.


Leader: ApolloApollo

Apollo is an Akita mix (possibly with a husky), who will be 3 years old in August and was a stray.

Almost Homes said: “This boy clearly hasn’t seen much of the world, but now that he does, he’s taking it all at his own pace. Apollo loves his walks and learning new things. He is now trained to a Gencon lead (soft control) and is much easier to walk! He was brilliant with the other dogs he met. So far we have only had one-on-one meetings with others, but there have been no negative signs from him and we will continue this socialization.

Apollo has passed a health check and is booked for sterilization.

His physical condition is increasing, as is his muscle mass, so he will look and feel much better in a few weeks.

Almost at home added: “Apollo likes to be with you and once he gets to know you he greets you in the best possible way. His playful side comes out more and more daily. He travels well in the car and goes up and down with you. pleasure.

“We are preferably looking for a house with an understanding of large breeds or similar breeds. Someone will be very lucky to adopt this boy.


Leader: BelleBeautiful

Belle is a medium sized crossbreed who is around 4 years old and has a tripod – which means she is missing a leg. It doesn’t affect him at all.

Belle is described as a fun and active girl who loves life and people but most of all zooms!

Belle was a wanderer and has been in a foster home where she is doing well and improving day by day.

Almost Home said: ‘Belle has clearly lived in a house before…she is more than happy in the house and loves her couch! Overnight, she is clean and quiet. Belle likes to play with her toys and loves her walks.

“Belle has been good with the other dogs, but we are evaluating that further. We are looking for an active home for Belle, with humans who understand her needs.

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please visit the website:


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