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The Bega Valley Kennel and Obedience Club are delighted to host their annual dog show and obedience trials at Dickinson Oval, Bermagui this weekend. The annual three-day All-Breed Championship dog show will take place next Saturday, Sunday and Monday – February 5-7. Best of Breed, Best in Group and Best in Show judging will take place beginning at 8am each day, with obedience trials starting at 6:30pm. Later in the week, on Wednesday, February 9 at 6 p.m., the rally obedience competition will begin. The club invites the public and dog owners to enjoy daytime and evening events promoting responsible pet ownership and leave feeling encouraged to get involved in canine sport. Free entry. More information is available on the Bega Valley Kennel and Obedience Club Facebook page. The large open outdoor space and summer weather at this extraordinary venue overlooking Horseshoe Bay allows the club to safely host a dog show while adhering to current social distancing guidelines and public health regulations that will apply. Over 200 dogs from across Australia are expected to be on display at Bermagui at the show. The different judging categories will include breeds from Australia, Asia, Belgium, Scotland and England, France, North America, the Middle East and many more, some rare and rarely seen in our country. Dogs are judged on how well they conform to the breed standard recognized by the Australian National Kennel Club. Each dog has a chance and winners progress through their classes from Best in Breed, Best in Group and culminating in Best in Show. Above all, dogs have fun, they enjoy going out and socializing. Unlike the breed show, the obedience trials will see hundreds of dogs compete in trials that test the dog and handler in how they work together to negotiate a course of varying challenges, including walking heeling, recalling, retrieving, jumping, long stays and sitting, often at a distance and sometimes out of sight of the handler and under the direction of a judge. Later in the same week, the very popular rally competition (obedience) will take place at the same place. Over 100 dogs will compete in a different format of obedience trials. Rallying is a faster dog sport than traditional obedience and involves a series of stations each with a different task to complete. It again tests the ability and willingness of dog and handler to work together. These events promise an exciting and insightful look into the world of dogs, showcasing the best breed standards and the amazing skills demonstrated in dog sports.




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