Arizona dog shelter closes due to sick animals


(CNN) – An Arizona dog shelter is temporarily closing after a possible viral illness outbreak among its dogs.

A spokesperson for the shelter said eight dogs have already tested positive for the virus.

However, they had to put down five dogs.

The East Valley shelter is closing on Monday October 31, 2022 as it believes there may be an outbreak of distemper, a highly contagious and possibly fatal virus for dogs.

Distemper affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous systems of dogs.

In addition, the shelter already had 8 positive cases and put down five dogs.

“I’m a little nervous, but I’m excited. I just want to get her out of here to a safer environment where she can recover,” said Kristine Nutt, who adopted a dog named ‘Samantha’ before the shutdown. . .

How this will affect the shelter between now and closing

Although the virus remains present, the shelter remains open all weekend for free adoptions.

They are waiting to close because the lab they use doesn’t open on weekends.

Then they will use these tests for all dogs on Monday.

“We hope that the dogs that have been here a long time, that have been vaccinated, have received their reminders, we hope that the public can come in and adopt them, get them out of here,” said MCACC spokesperson Kim Powell. .

What to do

People are signing waivers and the shelter is giving advice on how to care for a dog if they show signs or test positive.

“Make sure your dog at home is fully vaccinated and then give it time. Give it three to five days until the dogs can show up fully. They can isolate one in another room,” said explained Powell.

However, Nutt already knows the risks.

She has taken steps to keep her dogs safe at home and is taking Samantha to the vet before returning home forever.

“I really felt like it was calling me to come down and adopt,” Nutt described.


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