Beat ‘Fitness Failure Week’ With Workouts Tailored to Your Dog’s Breed


During the week dubbed “Fitness Failure Week,” many of us are ditching our January resolutions for old habits — but with new, breed-specific dog workouts, pet owners don’t need to give up just yet.

A pet genetics company has launched the first breed-specific ‘Doggy Walkouts’ for pet parents and their dogs, designed by veterinary experts and head trainer for ITV’s Harry’s Heroes, Luke Worthington .

So dog owners can get in shape with their furry friends in the most personalized way possible.

Wisdom Panel, the world leader in DNA testing for pets, has released five ‘Doggy Walkouts’ based on dog DNA – after research found that more than a quarter of pet parents have admitted not knowing the right exercises for their dog’s breed.

As the exercise needs of different breeds vary widely, the ‘Doggy Walkouts’ have been created to bring together the estimated 221 breeds and mixed breeds in the UK, and divide them into five categories.

More than a quarter of owners admitted to not knowing the right exercises for their dog’s breed

Each workout is based on three core exercises and acts like “supercharged walkies” to burn up to 150 calories in a single round.

They take into account the most suitable and effective exercises, such as ‘Small legs’, ‘Snub and sensitive nose’ and ‘Powerful and muscular’.

Luke Worthington, head trainer of the ITV series Harry’s Heroes, comments: “Your dog is the perfect training companion. They’re loyal, your #1 champion, never judgmental, tireless, and have been shown to boost serotonin levels.

“Not only that, they’re probably stronger than you, definitely faster than you and always ready to get out there for some fresh air and exercise.

“That’s why I worked with Wisdom Panel to create the Doggy Walkouts based on the specific needs of your dog’s breed.

“So grab your dog, go to the park and try these simple sweat exercises while doing your dog a favor.

“Remember that everyone starts at a different starting point, so be sure to set a pace that works for you.”

Download your free breed-specific Doggy Walkouts guide.


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