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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. (WWLP) – The Merrimac Valley Kennel Club competition at the Big E on Sunday provided the perfect getaway from the rainy and freezing conditions outside.

22News reporter Sy Becker found the hundreds of dogs and their owners at the top of their game.

Some 140 breeds, from Afghan Hounds to Yorkshire Terriers, took center stage in the Young Building where hundreds of dog lovers from across New England and New York State spent the weekend. end.

More like a homecoming for these folks who have known each other from dozens of kennel show contests. Nancy King of Buxton, Maine said, “Well I think it is, it’s just the love for the dog, we want it. We all have friends, you know.

“Absolutely, you have the dog owners always ready to help you, you have all the dog handlers
that if someone needs an extra helping hand, everyone steps in. Dennis Miller of Duchess County, New York told us.

Big E grounds are familiar on the dog show circuit, an essential part of the culture embraced by thousands of dog owners who appreciate the competitive spirit of their pets.

Clifford Steele, executive field representative of the American Kennel Club, explained, “I’ve been into dogs for over forty years, and most of those people are the same way, dogs are our lives.”

Watching animals large and small compete throughout the day was so meaningful to a couple from Agawam, dog owners themselves, who had just heard about the Kennel Club show and decided to pay a visit, and they are so happy about it.

“Absolutely fantastic, we were here yesterday, our second day, we love dogs, we love dogs we drove by the big e and saw the sign.” David Barlar told us.

As dog owners yourself, don’t blame yourself for missing the Kennel Club competition last weekend. We’re told that several hundred dogs will return to the Big E grounds the first week of February, filling the young building with a sense of human, four-legged camaraderie.


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