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Our local Big Fluffy Dog Rescue needs your help. Their dedicated rescuers have just recovered 16 small breed dogs, mostly Yorkies and their mixes, most of them elderly and in terrible condition due to overproduction due to a horde situation this week.

Some of these girls have been mated so many times that they have prolapse, luxating kneecaps, breast tumors, rotten teeth, skin, kidney and liver problems, and numerous tumors. The medical costs for just these 16 dogs can reach $ 30,000 or more for the dogs to be healthy for adoption.

Just for the record, when people want to buy dogs from breeders, and in today’s environment of designer dogs like Yorkie poo, malti poo, labradoodles, etc., backdoor breeders make their fortunes in franchise d tax on humans’ desire for a cute puppy.

However, here are the facts: There are a small handful of legitimate breeders who work with other breeders for the love and perfection of the breed. However, there are more than you can even imagine that breed and breed for a steady income.

While some humans may not find this serious, it is. Females are too bred, which cuts their lifespan in half, they live in filth, do not receive proper medical care or nutrition, and stay pregnant until they are no longer needed. When they are no longer useful, they are thrown away. Many are killed, some are thrown to the side of the road and some are rescued / rescued.

Life in a puppy mill is horrible, and I think it would surprise you who and what organizations run many local puppy mills. If you travel through Kentucky and Ohio, the Amish seem to have a corner in the market. I saw first-hand the horrendous conditions in the Ohio puppy mills and spoke to the owners, who had no remorse or conscience about their operations. I also saw sick dogs tending to puppies and the mothers looked like they had breathed their last. If you ever want a reality check visit a puppy mill, you might never sleep again.

Please consider donating, no donation is too small, and big is so wonderful. Please use PayPal HERE please donate today and help these girls fight the abuse of their past, get adopted and know only love for the rest of their lives. Your donations will save their lives. Please contact for more information, adoption needs, applications and more. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is an original 501 (c) 3 and your donation is tax deductible.


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