Bournemouth dogs at Minimutts Dog Rescue in search of forever homes


Meet this week’s four legged friends who are all in search of their forever home.

If you are planning to bring a new pet into your home, adopting a dog from a rescue center will give them a second chance to have a happy life.

All of these tail-waggers are currently in the custody of Minimutts dog rescue nannies. More information on dogs and how they can be adopted can be found on their website.


Raise: Bulldog
Age: Two years
George loves everyone and loves kids in particular, but he’s a big, goofy idiot and has absolutely no idea how much he weighs! He’s a tank who doesn’t see why he should go around when he can go straight through! For this reason, he is only recommended for older children in his new home – George would knock the little ones down like bowling pins!
He loves cuddles and enjoys his walks, whatever the weather, so if you don’t like walking in the rain, this boy is not for you.
George can live with other dogs, but a lot of dogs don’t like him – they have a hard time reading him, and because he’s so clumsy, they are suspicious of him. Dog introductions should be done with care. It is not tested on cats, so we will not be considered for a house with cats.

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Bournemouth Echo:
Raise: Dogue de Bordeaux x Mastiff
Age: Nine years
Stanley is a really lovely boy; he is a bit wary of strangers on first meeting but quickly warms up with people.
He is fit and active, and loves his walks. He gets along well with his foster dog friends, but he can be full, so gentle introductions to any existing dogs will be needed.
He is gentle and can live with reasonable children, although older ones are preferred due to his size and bounce.
He is strong on a leash and must be walked in halt – candidates should be able to handle him. Stanley has not been tested on cats and therefore will not be placed anywhere with cats.
Stanley arrived with a long-standing chronic yeast infection in both ears. His ear canals are open and it looks like no permanent damage has been done, but it will likely be a lingering problem. He also has a lump inside his mouth that will be gone before he leaves us because it is quite painful. It will need to be monitored in the future.
Stanley is looking for a home with great breed experience that can give him a full life in his twilight years.

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Bournemouth Echo:
Raise: Shih Tzu cross
Age: about four

Baxter is a small dog with a big personality and he’s a natural comedian who will have you laughing all day at his antics – he also enjoys watching TV with you.
Baxter arrived with trust issues – he was afraid of strangers and growled and cracked if a stranger tried to manipulate him. This included visitors to the house.
He has come in leaps and bounds and is much more confident, but you have to take into account that he may initially return to his new home.
There is a very simple protocol for handling this which will be explained to potential adopters.
Baxter is very good around the house and loves to play with other dogs – he would love a doggie friend in his new home but that’s not essential. He cannot live with cats or other small animals.
Baxter will need a home with people who understand fearful dogs and who will not force him out of his comfort zone. He will need his future adopter to meet him several times in his foster home so that he can get to know them. He loves children, but due to his trust issues and bites he will not be placed where there are children.

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