Bridgend Dog Rescue Speaks Out About Online Abuse


A rescue center in Bridgend has spoken out against the online abuse he has suffered in recent months.

Waggs and Whiskers, formerly known as Bridgend Animal Rescue (BARC), was to close after claiming users were constantly browsing its social media pages.

However, a support volunteer stepped in to take it over under a new name and with new management.

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Despite the rebranding and reopening on October 31 this year, online abuse has continued – and could see the volunteer animal rescue shut down for good.

A spokesperson said: “I had a message saying I stole a cat for money. I was called a rat on social media. I was accused of reselling Bosnian dogs without papers.

“People aren’t willing to donate to Waggs because they listen to social media trolls.”

With monthly vet bills approaching £1,000, the community rescue center simply cannot function without donations from the public.

The spokesperson added: “We want to prove to the community that we are who we are and that we are not leaving.

“We are here out of love and to help animals and being trolled is dangerous.

“Yes, we are asking for donations to cover vets, flea treatment, food, blankets, but I am supplementing it as there are no donations coming in.”

The former BARC staff were said to have walked away from the rescue following a “campaign of cyberbullying”, saying they “needed to put their well-being first”.

The rescue was set up in 2018, originally to take in the pets of people who were hospitalized and unable to care for them.

BARC came under fire last month for offering people could hire its animals for £85 at a time for ‘pet parties’.

They said they would only offer ‘happy and healthy’ pets for children’s parties and were fully licensed and insured.

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