Clintondale employee involved in dog rescue near I-94


On the morning of February 10, this husky, along with a black Labrador, was rescued from Gratiot Avenue near I-94. A Clintondale Community Schools worker managed to lock the dogs in her vehicle.

Photo provided by Rachel Kowalski


“They were dodging traffic and going to get hit.”

Rachel Kowalski,

CLINTON TOWNSHIP – The saying around Clintondale Community Schools is “Clintondale Cares.”

Rachel Kowalski put this into action, through a dog rescue.

At approximately 8:45 a.m. on February 10, Kowalski helped rescue two 100-pound dogs on Gratiot Avenue near the Interstate 94 ramp in Roseville.

Kowalski is director of teaching and learning for Clintondale Community Schools, a position she has held since last spring.

Deputy Brandon Davis of Macomb County Animal Control said the dogs were on Gratiot Avenue near the I-94 on-ramp.

“Two stray dogs were wandering; we captured them and returned them to their owner,” Davis said. “The dogs were safe.”

Clintondale Communications Manager Bill Roose said a husky and a black Labrador were on the road causing several vehicles to stop.

Kowalski, of Royal Oak, managed to get the two dogs into his 2018 Cadillac XT5, which received a round of applause from passers-by, before Macomb County Animal Control arrived to take them away to their refuge.

“I had an oven problem this morning, so I usually get to work at 7 a.m., and had to delay my arrival until about 8:45 a.m. to get it taken care of,” Kowalski said. .

She was going down I-94 eastbound after taking I-696 eastbound.

“I noticed there was a very long line of cars trying to get on 94 and moving very slowly,” Kowalski said.

She then noticed what she called two really big, well-groomed dogs, one of which was on a leash.

“They were dodging traffic and going to get hit,” she said. “I was in an ideal situation where there was not much traffic coming out of 94 towards Gratiot, so I stopped.”

Davis said the owners were a bit distressed by the situation, but would not comment on why they were cited.

Kowalski, the only person who got out of his vehicle hoping to round up the dogs, said the dogs were a bonded couple, staying close together on the highway.

“I used my little baby voice to get my husky to respond to me without food,” she said. “I put her in my front seat and then her friend (Labrador) got a little suspicious of me. He was more vocal about not getting in the car but jumping in.

Kowalski said it was a cinch to get his hands on Macomb County Animal Control.

“They were able to pick up the husky, which was a little calmer, and meanwhile there’s traffic everywhere,” she explained. “They realized they didn’t have a pole to help get the other dog out.”

Kowalski said she shares some concerns with animal control about the state of Labrador.

“I’m glad we have community organizations that care for animals,” she says.

Roose said the beige interior of Kowalski’s vehicle was trashed by muddy paws. Clintondale caretaker Teri Kennedy graciously cleaned the interior.

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