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Metro Atlanta animal shelters have seen a boom in adoptions during the pandemic as many people spent more time at home and sought out canine companions.

But those numbers have dropped sharply in recent months, and local animal shelters have run out of space and resources.

Now that mask mandates are gone, housing is less affordable and inflation is on the rise, adoptions are at an all-time low and yields are higher than ever.

The situation is particularly serious for the iWag dog shelter in Decatur, which is trying to find homes for around 30 dogs before they are forced to close their doors next month before they move.

Decatur Shelter is offering free adoptions and discounted training through August 31.

Bailey/Arthur is a Labrador Retriever available for adoption at iWag’s Decatur location. (Photo courtesy of iWag)

Kristie Wilder is the executive director of iWag and she joined “Morning Edition” to launch the call to action.

She said the shelter was trying to find homes for about 30 dogs ahead of the planned demolition of their current building. They are currently working on establishing themselves in a new location.

“It’s a really difficult situation right now,” Wilder said. “We’ve gone from, pre-COVID, we were getting three or four calls or emails a week from people looking to return dogs and now we’re up to 15 or 20 a day.”

Wilder said some of the dogs will need “special families” who have the patience to care for dogs with easily controllable medical issues or fear.

Wilder said she’s worried about what will happen if they don’t find homes for all the dogs in time, but the dogs’ safety is their top priority.


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