Dog attacks: Sydney Children’s Hospital releases alarming dog breed statistics


A new report has revealed Australia’s most dangerous dog breeds, compiling statistics on attacks and hospital admissions over a 10-year period.

Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH) has revealed that one child is admitted to a hospital in New South Wales every week following a dog attack, with the average age being just five year.

The data included 628 patients admitted for dog-related injuries from 2010 to 2020.

In the first three months of 2022, 1,027 dog bites were reported and 69 dogs were euthanized in New South Wales alone.

Pit bulls (10.3%) top the list, followed closely by generally easy-going Labradors (8.5%) and Rottweilers (6.8%).

The list was completed by Bulldogs (6%), Border Collie (6%), Jack Russell (5.1%), Terrier (other) (5.1%), Kelpie (5.1%), German Shepherd (4 .3%). percent).

The remaining 43% were simply listed as “other”.

Just last week, a three-year-old girl and her grandmother were hospitalized after a horrific dog attack in Brisbane.

The two dogs, believed to be bull mastiffs, bit a three-year-old girl and a 64-year-old woman at a private residence in Algester around 7.10pm on Thursday.

The girl was rushed to Queensland Children’s Hospital in serious condition with injuries to her chest, neck and face.

She was in stable condition Friday evening.

“The puncture wounds and injuries to the elderly lady and the three-year-old child were quite significant.

“It looks like it was quite an intense attack by the dogs and it must have been horrific for those involved and for whom we are watching.”

Ambulance services believe the dogs were known to the lady and the three-year-old girl.

He also said they were told the dogs were bull mastiffs, but he wasn’t sure that was correct.

The reason for the attack was unclear, although Mr Tong said it was mentioned it was ‘around that time of night when the dogs were about to be fed “.

A man in his 60s was also taken to the same hospital in stable condition.

He was not bitten by the dogs but suffered back pain after falling from a 1.5m retaining wall during the attack.

Mr. Tong said he believed the man was a neighbor who came to the rescue of the girl and woman.

“I think they (the man) were trying to get in to help and might have fallen off a fence,” he said.

A Brisbane City Council spokesman said the council seized the two dogs.

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