Dog Breed Identification DNA Test: Almost 25% Off


Want to know if your puppy is a descendant of Lassie, Snoopy or Scooby-Do?

If you’ve rescued your family’s furry friend from a shelter, you’re probably not quite sure about your puppy’s DNA and background. Put an end to the mystery once and for all with the help of the Dog Breed Identification DNA test. Right now, you can get this useful tool for just $ 59.99, which is 24% off the regular price, and receive $ 20 site credit for the future!

The Dog Breed Identification DNA test gives you insight into your dog’s ancestry with a painless cheek DNA swab. Find out exactly what breeds your mixed breed rescue is made up of, or find out even more about the genetic makeup of your purebred.

The Dog Breed Identification DNA test not only solves your curiosity about your four-legged family member’s breed makeup, it also helps you better understand their health. Find out about potential health issues and educate yourself on genetic health issues and the risks for certain canine diseases. It even sheds light on personality characteristics.

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All you have to do is swab your puppy’s cheek with the sterile applicator provided, send in the DNA sample and in two weeks or less you will receive a full report including the breed makeup of your puppy, personality traits, DNA makeup, disease predisposition, and more.

Customers are thrilled with this awesome tool. Bonnie shared: “I loved this experience !!! The kit came immediately with great instructions. The results arrived exactly as promised. When I couldn’t open the attachment with the results, I emailed my concern and got instant help! Discovering his DNA was the coolest experience! The description of the levels was very helpful. SO HAPPY TO HAVE DONE THIS !! “

Get the Dog Breed Identification DNA test and $ 20 Future Site Credit today for the low price of $ 59.99.


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