Dog rescue charity overwhelmed after post-lockdown rise


A BOURNEMOUTH dog rescue charity is urging people to ‘adopt don’t buy’ after being overwhelmed by a huge post-lockdown spike in dogs.

Staffie and Stray are struggling to keep up with the rise in the number of dogs being passed to them as they explain they are coming ‘in droves and quickly’.

Calli Byrne, founder of Staffie and Stray, said: ‘During covid the price of puppies increased dramatically due to demand as everyone was home during lockdown.

“With people trying ‘backyard herding’ because people had so much more free time, but when they got back to work they realized the dogs couldn’t be left and hadn’t been trained or socialized their dogs because of covid.”

Jax a dog in the care of Staffie and Strays

“Now people are looking for rescue places to abandon dogs.”

The charity urges the public to ‘adopt, don’t shop’. Calli said: ‘All the rescues are packed due to covid, people losing their jobs, mental health and the cost of living crisis.

“We are seeing a spike in the number of dogs arriving at the moment, but I think it will continue to increase.”

“Larger dogs and bully breeds wait on death row for dog rescues because they aren’t considered as attractive as smaller dogs.”

Bournemouth Echo: Lily the dog in the care of Staffie and StraysLily the dog in the care of Staffie and Strays

The increase in the number of people buying dogs throughout the pandemic has had a ripple effect on veterinarians.

Calli said: “We have also noticed that many vet practices are full and not taking on new clients due to an overload of puppies requiring vaccinations and appointments.

“The spay/neuter waiting list is delayed due to the demand for C-sections as there are still many puppies in demand.”

Staffie and Stray have in-depth criteria applicants should consider before applying.

Dogs that come in rescue have often been abandoned once or even multiple times before they arrive in rescue, so it is essential that they are not set up to fail once they are picked up by the rescue .

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, contact Staffie and Stray at [email protected]


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