Dog Rescue Focuses on Finding Homes for “Bull Breeds”


Nilo the German Shepherd and Blue the Pit Bull are both considered “brute breeds”. These are dogs that society calls aggressive, and a lot of people don’t want to adopt them.

Bleu owner Diana Algarin launched a rescue focusing specifically on these breeds because she says they deserve the same luck as any other dog.

“The breeds that people see in the news as the worst dogs, they are very poorly represented, they are overcrossed for the wrong reasons and they are great family dogs,” says Algarin, founder of Bleu’s K9 rescue.

What would you like to know

  • Bleu’s Rescue is a foster home rescue meaning they have no shelter and all dogs go to foster homes
  • They focus on teaching dogs good behavior when in foster care
  • Their goal is to educate the public about ‘bullies’ and to break the stigma against them.

Bleu’s K9 rescue is a foster home rescue, meaning they have no physical shelter. Each dog they welcome goes into a foster family until they are adopted.

“We can teach them the things necessary to live in a house, and it really allows us to learn a lot more about the dog than a kennel environment would,” says Katherine Riecker, board member of Bleu’s Rescue and Foster Dog Mom.

The organization has found homes for more than 300 dogs during their four years of rescuing, but what makes them different is that they focus on education. Train them and teach dogs the right behavior so that they have a less stressful transition when adopted.

“When dogs are bored, they tend to destroy things – they chew things that you don’t want them to chew on. So when you give them things to stimulate their brain, they tend to leave your furniture, shoes, and all that sort of thing alone. They don’t do destructive behaviors, ”Riecker said.

Bleu’s K9 Rescue has dogs available for adoption on their website.


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