Dog rescue ready to repatriate treated dog after being found “in appalling condition” in shed


*** Warning: The images below show Shambo’s injuries.

A dog rescue in Ballivor has released a heartwarming update on a dog it cared for after being found in a shed with a series of fresh, old injuries, including a gashed ear.

Coolronan Dog Rescue owners Chris Kelly and Ramona Cunningham described Shambo as “the sweetest soul you’ll meet”

According to Ramona: “Shambo came to our house some time ago in a terrible state, she had been found wandering and hidden in a shed in Westmeath.

Ramona and Shambo

“Shambo was sold to a breeder in the north who had sold her as a puppy but no details on who.

“She had a terrible gash on the side of her head that required veterinary treatment immediately, she has scars all over her back and was brought up stupid.

“You will see in the video how scared and submissive she was on day one, but luckily every day she gets better and I can honestly say this girl is the sweetest soul you will ever meet. where she leaves from here. “


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