Dog Rescue volunteers travel across Saskatchewan. dump to save a litter of puppies


Seven fluffy puppies rescued from a cold dump in Saskatchewan in the past few days are warm, fed and healthy, according to an animal rescue in Regina.

Regina’s Bright Eyes Dog Rescue has been notified by a community member that they have found puppies they believe were left behind by a stray dog ​​located in a provincial dump. Megan Jane, spokesperson for the volunteer-run dog rescue, said they were not free to release her location.

Bright Eyes Dog Rescue volunteers were surprised to find that a puppy had a shiny white coat under the dirt it had accumulated at the dump. (Submitted by Bright Eyes Dog Rescue)

Rescue volunteers went down to the landfill and picked up three puppies on Friday. They bathed and fed them. One was so dirty that the volunteers didn’t discover it was actually “snow white” until all the grime was removed from its coat.

On a whim, they went back there on Sunday. After inspecting the dump, they found four more.

Two of them were relatively easy to put together, she said, but the other two were not.

The puppies were fed, bathed and given a warm bed, according to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue. (Submitted by Bright Eyes Dog Rescue)

“A lot of times if they’re born at the dump like that, they’ve never had an interaction before, [they’re] pretty scared,” Jane said. “They’ve never seen a nice human before.”

“I know some of our volunteers were there for a few hours [Sunday]in the freezing cold, crawling through tires, trash, sticks, mud and trees,” she said.

Jane thinks the dogs stayed outside for several days, but may have survived because of their thick winter coats.

Three of the puppies were found on Friday. Four more were found when volunteers returned to the same dump on Sunday. (Submitted by Bright Eyes Dog Rescue)

Now the puppies are in the rescue dog‘s care and healthy, Jane said, bathed, fed and cuddled in blankets – but still skittish and unsure of what to do with their toys.

If an owner does not show up, the dogs will be treated as rescue dogs, placed in foster care, and then taken through the appropriate steps to find a new home. Jane suspects the puppies could be adopted as early as January.

This includes a mandatory two-week medical wait, including vaccinations and health check.

Megan Jane of Bright Eyes Dog Rescue expects the puppies to be ready for adoption early in the new year. (Submitted by Bright Eyes Dog Rescue)

“I think it’s the best possible ending for these seven little puppies who could have had a very different future if no one had gone to the dump that day,” Jane said.

The dogs haven’t been given names yet, but Jane assumes they’ll soon be given a title to match the holiday season or how lucky they are to be found.

This fall and winter season has been the busiest on record for dog rescue. They currently have 120 dogs in their care, Jane said, with around 475 dogs rescued in 2021 so far.


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