Dog shelter worker branded ‘fatphobe’ for not letting overweight woman adopt


A dog shelter worker is facing backlash for saying he stopped an overweight woman from adopting a puppy because of her build.

The employee feared the dog wasn’t getting the exercise it needed and was being labeled “fatphobic” online, according to the Sun.

The worker noted in a lengthy post – which has since been deleted from Reddit – that the dog, named Rocky, had jumped up and showered the woman with kisses at an adoption event several weeks prior.

“It was love at first sight. Only problem? She was morbidly obese and drenched in sweat when it wasn’t hot,” the post read.

“I know you can’t judge fitness by appearance, but I’ve never met someone his size fit enough to run more than two hours a day with a hyperactive dog or chase him when he’s jumping the fence,” the post continued.

The dog shelter worker was skeptical about a woman bringing home a puppy due to its larger size.

The shelter employee “questioned” the woman, as they “do with ALL adopters”, to see if the dog would be a good match.

She gave many “yellow-green flags”, such as sharing that she lived in an apartment next to a dog park and worked very flexible hours.

They asked her about her activity level, and she responded by saying she had an “active lifestyle” but “didn’t elaborate.”

“‘Active lifestyle’ has many meanings these days [and] After being in this role for a while, I learned to follow your instincts and prioritize animals over people’s feelings,” the post continued.

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“It was love at first sight. Only problem? She was morbidly obese and drenched in sweat when it wasn’t hot,” the post read.
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They added: “As excited as this woman was about Rocky, I saw him come home with her, do little or no exercise, trash a couch or two, then be brought back here or worse, in a shelter to kill.”

The henchman explained to the woman that she couldn’t bring Rocky home and suggested she watch small pets like cats.

“She got angry and said things that I won’t say. I didn’t mention the weight, but I think she knew that was the reason I fired her,” they said.

They said they “briefly doubted my decision” and wondered if it was really right for Rocky. “But when I saw her struggling to walk to her car, I knew I was right. My boss said he would do the same,” the post read.

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The story was posted on Reddit and has since been deleted.
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However, the woman – who is believed to have a large following – took to her own social media accounts to also share the negative experience at the dog shelter.

“Now, apparently, the woman I fired has a large following on social media, and she’s been talking about the shelter, calling us fatphobes and urging followers to post bad reviews about us and not give us a bad rap. don,” the user lamented.

They added: “The owner also says I did the right thing, but I’m not sure. Emails are getting worse and worse. I’m afraid we’re losing funds and adopters, all because I was too judgmental. animals are my number [one] priority, but should I have let Rocky go? »

Redditors berated the worker for judging the woman by her height.

One person said: “‘I know you can’t judge fitness by looks’ and then you immediately did just that. The best thing to do would have been a home check-up and a family trial. two week reception.

“I’m overweight right now. At the heaviest I was classed as obese. So was my wife now,” another person commented. “Yet when we were at our ‘fattest’ during lockdown , we were walking our dog over 5 miles a day.”


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