Dublin dog shelter makes heartbreaking decision to close due to high costs


A south Dublin dog shelter is currently packed and can no longer afford to take in unwanted puppies due to soaring costs.

Dogs Angels Ireland made this heartbreaking announcement on Facebook. They explained that very few apps end up being successful, with dogs rarely finding their forever home.

The charity pointed out that the lack of funds and help led them to this difficult decision.

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They posted: “Unfortunately we have to close our doors to take on more dogs, we have kennel bills of around £5000+ per month with very few applications actually amounting to homes.

“Until we can help some of the dogs in our care, especially in kennels or foster homes, we cannot take any more dogs. With the lack of help and funds, it makes that impossible. We are very sorry.”

Dublin dog lovers were horrified to hear the news but assured staff the situation was out of their control.

Others have pointed to the strict application process used to verify foster homes for rescue dogs.

One person said: “You do so much 365 days a year and people have to understand that you have to make tough decisions. There’s not much you can do with the resources you have left. Hope things work out will get better soon and don’t feel guilty because it’s not in your hands. I’ll donate whenever I can, wish I could do more!”

Another wrote: “I’m so sorry. It’s beyond heartbreaking that rescues have to shut down because of humans making bad or wrong decisions.”

A third commented: “So sorry it’s come to this. You guys are so good and supportive of our family when we got Max from you. Thank god you were there to save him.”

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