Far Fetched Dog Rescue specializes in senior dogs with special needs


Rachel Rice and her husband started Far Fetched in their home in 2017. They welcome dogs from all over Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS – A couple from Camby have dedicated their lives to caring for sick and vulnerable dogs who may never find a home forever. Far Fetched Dog Rescue‘s mission is rooted in compassion.

Rachel Rice and her husband started Far Fetched in their home in 2017. She says it’s about saving animals, which have a “wacky” chance for a better life.

“We really started the rescue as a general all-breed dog rescue. Then we saw what was going on, there would be dogs that couldn’t find a place with another rescue because they didn’t. not need much more care or their owners are deceased, “said Rice.” We have seen families who have dogs with major medical problems that they unfortunately cannot manage financially or physically, so these are the dogs that really spoke to us. “

Far Fetched dogs come from homes and animal shelters across Indiana.

“We see dogs, you know, these groups on Facebook that have shelters involved that say, ‘We have these dogs. Is there anyone who can help? “We’re more than happy to go to shelters and take those dogs that really need the extra care so we can provide this to them,” Rice said. “We also get word of mouth owner abandonments. People see us on Facebook. They see the type of dogs we love to help. When someone sees a situation that looks like one of them, he refers it to us. We can. I don’t help everyone, but we certainly help as much as we can. “

They welcome dogs like Molly, who has seizures controlled by drugs. Or Ava, who can’t use her hind legs but moves around easily.

Rice knows that not all dogs that pass through her shelter will be adopted. Senior dogs also come to Far Fetched to live their final days in peace.

Caring for 200 to 300 animals a year is expensive, but Far Fetched is able to do it through donations and volunteers who help welcome the dogs.

“Oh we are very lucky. We have some really amazing supporters who really believe in what we do, so we receive the items donated by supporters or even companies who really believe in what we do as well,” said Rice. “I would say our No. 1 [need] is joint supplements for our older dogs. It really happens a lot and we always need more. “

To date, Far Fetched has cared for and found new homes for around 800 dogs. It’s an incredible achievement for this couple who run this program from home.

To find out more about helping them with their mission, Click here.

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