Flintshire dogs waiting to be adopted by Almost Home Dog Rescue


The last residents of the Almost Home Dog rescue in Flintshire hope to be reunited with their pawed families in August.

The rescue, based in Nercwys near Mold, has so far helped 903 dogs find their forever homes with adoption, but more dogs are still waiting.

The first is Otto.

Otto is an eight-month-old Collie cross, which the rescue says could be crossed with a Kelpie. Otto is small for his age and was taken in by the rescue after he was unable to live with his littermate. The rescue asked people to research the sibling rivalry.

Otto (Image: Almost Home Dog Rescue)

Almost at Home said: “Otto has been brilliant with people and generally, of the breed, he loves any form of exercise! We are looking for an active home for this boy. Someone who understands his DNA and what he needs.

“Come rain or shine – mental and physical stimulation!” He’s going to be a great adventure buddy, but he needs someone who can commit to giving him a few hours of exercise every day.

“When with his former owner he went to dog daycare and he had a glowing report. He gets along well with other dogs according to his assessment and in his foster home which he shares with 3 other dogs .

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Otto would go well with relaxed/cold, dog-knowing children.

A special attraction for Rexi and Slim

Rexi and Slim have been described as the perfect pair, and the rescue is doing its best to make sure they aren’t separated and can find the perfect home together.

The leader: Rexi (image: almost home dog rescue)Rexi (image: Almost Home Dog Rescue)

Rexi is a 10 year old Cocker Lab and Slim is a nine year old Cocker Spaniel. The couple worked their whole lives in the shooting industry and their landlord left them in the care of the rescue as he was going to move to a warmer climate, due to his health.

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The rescue said: “Both dogs have been superstars and don’t bother at all. All the volunteers love them. They are good with dogs, people and knowledgeable children. They love to play ball and they love to drive. They both have brilliant personalities!

The leader: Slim (image: almost home dog rescue)Slim (image: almost home dog rescue)

According to the rescue, everyone who meets them loves them and asks people not to be put off by their age.


Tegan is a collie who is around a year old and just arrived from the pound. The rescue says she has a ‘cute’ personality but as she is from the pound she had no background information and they decided to name her Tegan.

The leader: Tegan (image: almost home dog rescue)Tegan (Image: Almost Home Dog Rescue)

They say she is friendly to everyone and knows basic commands as well as good recall. She is very active and intelligent so will need lots of mental and physical stimulation or she will be bored.

Tegan loves adventure and needs a home where someone is there for company and who can also commit to giving her a few hours of exercise each day. On the road, Tegan isn’t too bad in the lead but will improve with time.

Almost Home said: “She is educated, has been clean in her kennel and loves her food! Tegan travels well by car. and is more than happy to be handled.

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“At the vets she had a full health check and we started her vaccinations again, treated her for fleas, wormed and chipped her and reserved her for neutering.

“Tegan couldn’t live with cats but could live happily with older children (ages 10+).”

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Almost Home requested that people only apply for these dogs if they have given it serious thought and that all family members are committed to this dog for the dog’s lifetime. They also asked that people not apply unless they are available to adopt immediately.

Don’t forget to fill out the form if you are interested in adoption: https://almosthome.dog/adopt/


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