Furry Delights! Annual dog show returns after 2 years


Chenai: Two years after the pandemic, Blue Cross India (BCI) held its annual event – ​​The Great Indian Dog Show 2022 on Sunday, in which 149 dogs participated.

The motto of this event is to promote the adoption of native Indian breeds while preventing the purchase of foreign/mixed breeds due to the exploitative nature of the industry.

This is the 33rd edition of the show since its origin in 1987. There are 28 categories, including the best neutered males and females, the rarest color, the baddest dog, the surviving dog, the wackiest name/dog and friendliest dog.

Samrithi adopted her 7-month-old dog during lockdown. As he had been indoor for almost two years, he was reserved. “We wanted him to mingle with other dogs and other people, which is why we brought him here,” she said.

The dogs were dressed in all their fun and walked down the ramp with their owners at the event held at a Phoenix mall in Velachery. All dogs that participated in the show received a medal, a certificate and a bag of treats.

“Although there is an increase in dog adoption across the country, people often don’t understand that the dogs on their own doorstep also deserve a home. You don’t have to pay thousands of rupees to buy a breed,” said Vinod Kumar, Managing Director of BCI.

BCI combined the pet dog show with an adoption campaign for Indie puppies, kittens and adult dogs from their abandoned pet section. They had over 100 animals, of which over 30 were adopted.


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