George Takei gushed over Westminster dog show winner


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George Takei is a legendary and pioneering artist. Known for his role in the original star trek, the actor has also established himself as a successful icon and activist. Takei has also become known as a social media king, as his posts on Twitter and Facebook often go viral, acquiring hundreds of comments and retweets. And today, one of Takei’s tweets is taking the internet by storm.

Today, Takei posted a tweet saying, “Aww, what a gorgeous pup. What’s your favorite breed of dog, folks?”

The tweet included a video of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show commemorating the most recent event. First held in 1877, this show is an all-breed conformation show designed to show off the best dogs in America. It is the second continuously held sporting event in America, beaten only by the Kentucky Derby. The video Takei posted celebrates Trumpet, the first sleuth to win the show’s highest title, despite the event’s long history. The video notes that Trumpet beat out a French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Maltese, Samoyed, and Lake Terrier to win the crown.

Some users responded to the video by praising Trumpet and congratulating the dog on his stunning, record-breaking win. As one user said that while they’re all “big dogs”, the Victorious Bloodhound “captures the times”.

Of course, many people responded to the tweet by naming their favorite dog breed and posting photos of their furry friends in various cute poses and situations. This includes a user who posted a photo of a sleeping Bloodhound. They described the photo as saying, “This is our very tired ginger after a day at dog daycare.”

Another user posted an image of two English Springer Spaniels wearing hats and sweaters while stating that the breed is their favourite. They later posted a second tweet showing more photos of the dogs, saying the dogs’ skill in front of the camera means they can “also do heroics, action, sports and intellect”.

A recurring theme in the thread is people responding that their favorite dog breed is a rescue dog, with one user summing up the vibe of the thread saying, “My favorite dog breed is a rescue of any line.

However, another answer perfectly sums up the internet’s attitude towards pictures of cute dogs by happily asking, “Is ‘all’ an appropriate answer?” And based on the other posts in the thread, this seems like the perfect answer to the question.


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