High Hopes Dog Rescue is ‘very sad’ over stolen food


High Hopes Dog Rescue in Kidderminster has been the victim of a cruel theft which has left the rescue dogs without food.

Rescue volunteers realized a huge breach had been made in the food bags on Monday morning (May 23).

Drea Hilton, who is one of five animal rescue volunteers, says:

“A knife was used to steal the food and a bag was left on the floor which is what we believe they were using to take the food.

“It’s really sad that this is rescue dog food and we rely solely on donations and it’s a shame it was stolen in the first place.

Miss Hilton thinks the rising cost of living could be linked to the theft.

“Bills and such have gone up and maybe that has something to do with it.

“It wasn’t obvious there was food there. We were hoping no one would want to take food from the rescue dogs.

“About half of what was there was taken, that was enough for us to notice a huge breach.

“We’re going to move the food, but it’s really sad. It’s not easy to move the food because it comes in pallets, but it’s not the easiest thing to move.”

The rescue plans to install more cameras for security after the break-in.

“We are very lucky to have repatriated 500 dogs and we have so many lovely followers and had a lot of support.
“We never know if we’ll find the person, but we just want to do what’s right for dogs and it’s sad that someone wants to steal dogs that have nothing.”


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