Hucknall’s Greenbelt Campaign Group fundraising dog show and pig roast was a huge success

Lucy, Lexi and their dog Bonnie came second in the master-kid section. Photo by Ian Johnson

Crowds flocked to a fun dog show and pig roast at the Horse and Groom pub in Linby organized by the Hucknall Against Whyburn Farm (HAWFD) group.

Activists initially joined forces to fight proposals for up to 3,000 new homes at Whyburn Farm under the local Ashfield plan, but since then it has widened its scope.

And a series of rides and other events have so far bolstered the fight fund, with attractions last Saturday adding a further £550.

A doggie taking a break during the show. Photo by Ian Johnson

Those involved worked incredibly hard to stage the day in sweltering conditions with a special shout out to Sally Nightingale and Hucknall’s adviser Kevin Rostance, who was on hand from 7am to midnight to help ensure success .

Dozens of dogs and their owners, many walking the leafy fields of Whyburn, came out in force to compete for rosettes in a series of categories.

Sally said: ‘We were blown away by the support for the event with the horse and groom providing the venue and many local businesses donating dog-themed baskets, and even offering dog grooming at prizes. reduced for all winners.

“This demonstrates the continued community support we’ve felt since our campaign began in September.”

A demonstration of flyball at the dog show. Photo by Ian Johnson

Prettiest Girl: 1st Cookie, Mixed Race; 2nd pearl, Bedlington whippet; 3rd Pepper, working spaniel.

The most beautiful boy: 1st Rupert, cocker spaniel; 2nd Bluey, Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier; 3rd blue, lurcher and shuffle.

Best veteran (over seven years); 1st Zachery, corgi; 2nd queen, corowa; 3rd TJ, Sheltie.

Lyla won the award for best costume. Photo by Ian Johnson

Cutest Puppy (under 1 year old): 1st Frankie, mini shebash hound; 2nd Winnie, 12 Shetland Sheepdogs; 3rd pearl, Bedlington whippet.

Junior Handler (under 16): 1st Kyro, cocker spaniel poo, owned by Ollie; 2nd Bonnie, rescue; owned by Lexi and Lucy, Tommy, Yorkshire terrier, owned by Jack.

Best on Six: 1st Bluey, Staffordshire Blue; 2nd Orion, French Bulldog; 3rd Ralf, German Shepherd.

Most agitated tail: 1st Sophie, springer spaniel; 2nd: Parker-Colin, sproker; 3rd Riddly, mixed breed.

Ollie and his dog Kyro came first in the junior handler category. Photo by Ian Johnson

Best Rescue: 1st Balto, Siberian Husky; 2nd unregistered; 3rd: ‘H’, cocker spaniel.

Dog Judge would most like to bring home: 1st Sharon, Spitz cross breed; 2nd pepper, spaniel; 3rd Lily-bit, shelti.

Costumes: 1st: Lyla, American Bulldog; 2nd: TJ, shelti.

Best in show: Rupert, cocker spaniel; finalist: Siberian Husky Balto.

During the pork roast, entertainment was provided by Phil Rostance of Hucknall, a talented singer.

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Hucknall Whyburn Farm campaign steps up fundraising with series of events

Phil Rostance entertained those at the roast pork. Photo by Ian Johnson

More events are planned for the fall with tickets now on sale for HAWFD Quiz Night at the John Godber Center on October 7.

For tickets, visit the ‘quiz night’ section of the HAWFD website. You can also follow the group on Facebook.

Currently, the local plan is on “pause”. The group has pledged that should this be removed in the future, any remaining funds will go to the Notts Wildlife Trust.


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