Irish dog rescue center inundated with abandoned animals after owners return to work


A dog rescue center was inundated with abandoned animals after owners returned to work.

Ramona Cunningham and Chris Kelly, who run Coolronan Dog Rescue in Ballivor, Co. Meath, are struggling to keep pace with the rendered lockdown mutts.

Earlier this year, they were receiving up to 100 calls a day from prospective owners looking for puppies.

But today their establishment is full of unwanted young dogs who are abandoned by people who can no longer take care of their pets.

Chris said: “You can’t handle the number of phone calls we get every day from people wanting to abandon their dogs.

“We have 27 dogs here now, seven are due to arrive in the next few days and we are currently building four new pens to meet demand and we have also had to turn some away.

“I haven’t had a puppy for 15 months and two weeks ago I had to save five abandoned lurcher puppies who were almost starving to death, it’s heartbreaking to watch.

Ramona Cunningham of Coolronan Dog Rescue in Ballivor, Co, Meath

“All the dogs that were bought during the pandemic are having problems now, they are not being socialized, they were bought as babysitters for parents working from home, there is so much work to be done with them. ”

The couple are begging people to “not give up on their dogs” as the fear of having to slaughter healthy dogs remains a threat.

Chris added, “We’re afraid the books are full, the rescues are full and the guardians have no choice but to put the dogs to sleep and they will be dogs under two years old.

“Don’t give up on your dog, give them a chance, at the end of the day they’re meant to be family.

“Work with the dog and think hard before adopting one.”


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