Islay Dog Rescue flooded with pets as lockdown boom returns to bite


Islay Dog Rescue is inundated with calls from people looking to give up their dogs after Covid restrictions were lifted.

The voluntary organization’s site in Cumnock is almost at capacity and has more dogs waiting to come in as people no longer have time for their lockdown pooches.

Lorraine Jardine, who is leading the rescue, said: “People don’t always tell the truth; they don’t say ‘I had this dog during Covid and I don’t want it anymore’, but she said it’s easy to read between the lines which dogs are confined and which aren’t.

Mrs. Jardine’s shelter, located at Glen Islay Farm, can accommodate 12 dogs. The day she spoke to the Chronicle, she received calls from seven people wanting to hand over their pets.

Skylar is a six-month crossbreed in the shelter through no fault of hers.

Having been acquired during lockdown, many of the animals Ms Jardine receives calls from have behavioral issues because they haven’t been properly socialized with people or other dogs.

Ms Jardine said they are also seeing a huge increase in the number of previously sought-after breeds, such as labradoodles.

It comes as the UK experiences a cost of living crisis, and Ms Jardine is also worried about the impact it will have on abandoned dogs.

Ms Jardine said: “It’s not a sunny outlook as the cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on the donations we get and the number of adoptions we do, so there’s a knock-on effect. training all around.”

She added: “Also the vet bills have gone up dramatically – it’s our biggest expense and they’re horrible so I know everyone is trying to make ends meet but something will have to give at some point. given.”

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