Las Vegas dog rescue hopes someone will adopt 18-year-old dog


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Kane isn’t perfect, but is he really someone?

“He knocks, he knocks things over. I have glass doors. He has trouble distinguishing whether doors are open, so he knocks on doors often,” said Carole Sandy, Kane’s foster parent.

Kane has trouble seeing where he is going because he is blind in one eye and can’t see well in the other. He also has no hearing, suffers from arthritis and has bad teeth.

“He’s a wonderful dog. He just needs a real soft bed to spend the rest of his months, I doubt years. He is really old. Certainly, the rest of his months. He will return it to you with as much love as possible,” Sandy said.

Kane, a larger Pitbull mix, is part of a problem dog rescues are seeing. It was much more difficult to adopt larger dogs. Smaller, fluffier dogs can be adopted in a day. Kane has been waiting since last fall. Two other dogs that FOX5 saw on Wednesday, a larger Huskey Malamute and a Weimaraner, have been waiting months for adoption.

Rescues said the economy was taking a heavy toll on people and pets, with many people unable to afford rent and having to relocate. People don’t know what to do with their big dogs in some cases because many apartments don’t allow big dogs and certain breeds. In some cases, people simply cannot afford to care for a larger dog.

“The number of adoptions does not equal the number of assignments we get,” Melanie Shayne said.

Shayne is the founder of Kiss My Paws Rescue, who has been trying to adopt Kane for months.

“He is a wonderful companion. He is very friendly. It is very easy. It works beautifully on a lease. He doesn’t ask for much. He’s really happy to lay on the floor at your feet,” Sandy said.

Anyone who wants to adopt Kane needs to understand that it will take resources to pay for his aging care which could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, if someone wants to take care of him, Shayne’s rescue will cover medical needs as they arise until Kane passes away.

Anyone interested in Kane should head over to Another dog featured in this story named Bobby, a Husky Malamute, can also get information from the same rescue. Another dog named Baby, a Weimaraner, can go to


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