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Our beloved puppies are like family. But if you saved your furry friend, you might not know a lot about him.

Get to know your fur baby’s breed and genetic makeup with the help of the DNA My Dog NextGen: Canine Breed Identification and Genetic Age Test, helping you make better decisions for their future. And right now, this innovative test is available alongside seven dog training courses for just $ 77.

DNA My Dog NextGen gives you a special glimpse of your puppy like you’ve never had before. If you have a mysterious dog, you will learn about all of your dog’s breeds with a very simple at-home cheek swab that takes less than two minutes. You will receive a report with all breeds found in your dog’s DNA as a percentage (which has 99.97% accuracy!) And even a personalized results certificate. This report not only provides the dominant breeds, but also sheds light on your puppy’s personality traits and possible health issues.

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The test goes even further than most DNA tests, also providing your dog’s biological age. This can give you more information even about purebred puppies because their genetic or biological age is actually different from their chronological or actual age. You will experience the predicted longevity of your best bud from a cellular level.

In addition to learning more about your dog’s history, you will also have access to seven online courses to help you train your puppy. Top dog behavior expert Sharon Bolt, who has worked with a number of celebrities, will walk you through classes like Dog Training Class: How To Stop Dog Attacks. It helps you tame your puppy’s aggressiveness and make sure you can go for walks feeling calm and confident that you can overpower the dog. This 4.5 star rated course is a hit with the students, with former student Maggie raving, “I love the step-by-step video demonstrations in this course. aggressive dogs, but Sharon explains this very clearly and how to fix it.

Learn more about your puppy and how to train it with My Dog NextGen: Canine Breed Identification and Genetic Age Testing + 7 Dog Training Courses, available now for only $ 77.


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