Massive cageless dog shelter opens in Alabama


Caring young man volunteer manager caring adorable hairy dog ​​while working in animal shelter

A hundred-acre, cage-free, kill-free dog shelter will soon open in Alabama. At 33 acres, The Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Southeast Florida is the largest cage-free, kill-free shelter in the United States. Now the same organization is opening a second facility in Shorter, Alabama. The new shelter is being built on the site of a former greyhound training center and will be triple the size of their Florida facility on 100 acres.

In a social media post, the organization says the new shelter will have quarantine, rehabilitation, medical and adoption facilities that will allow them to rescue an additional 5,000 dogs each year, doubling their impact. The location will also serve as a hub for other shelters in the eastern United States.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue founder and CEO Lauree Simmons said that in these difficult times, the new facility is desperately needed. “Record numbers of dogs are being brought into shelters, resulting in overcrowding and record euthanasia rates for these former pets,” says Simmons. “Higher costs for everything from fuel to food are causing owners to give up on their dogs.” The organization plans to open the new site in September.


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