Missing Beagle Comes Home With Dog Show Ribbon


(Photo credit: Paula Closier)

A family’s worry quickly turned to fear when their Beagle was lost came home with a ribbon from a dog show.

Bonnie, a five-year-old Beagle mix, escaped from her home in West Sussex, England, through an open door early on a Sunday morning. A search party scoured the neighborhood. Bonnie’s family called the police, vets and animal shelters in hopes of finding her. Meanwhile, a man spotted the missing dog by the side of the road.

Thus, Bonnie’s legacy was born.

bonnie wins big

Coincidentally, John Wilmer was going to a dog show with two of his own dogs when he found Bonnie.

Hastily, Wilmer picked her up and brought her to the show. He posted his picture on Facebook – a call for Bonnie’s parents to get in touch. Bonnie’s mother, Paula Closier, saw the message. She immediately contacted Wilmer and arranged for her to come home after the show. Wilmer enrolled Bonnie in the rescue dog class. He told the BBC“She was such a beautiful female dog, I thought it would be nice to bring her in.”

Bonnie, who came to the Cozier family four years ago after being rescued from the streets of Crete, Greece, took third place. She came home with a bright yellow ribbon. Bonnie’s mum said of the incident: “We are so thrilled that she is safe and healthy and also a winner. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Closer continued, “She had such a full life. When John brought her back to us with a rosette, we couldn’t believe it. It’s a shame she didn’t come first on the show.

Since the ordeal, Closier has made Bonnie an Instagram page for those who want to see the winning pooch for themselves.

How to stop your dog from escaping

Bonnie the Beagle isn’t the only pup who enjoys walking alone. Some dog breeds – like hunting dogs – are more prone to escape than others. Does this sound like your pup? Discover our advice to prevent your dog from running away.


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