National Dog Show: In Philadelphia, every dog ​​has its day


It’s like the Super Bowl dog shows.

Every year, around 20 million people tune in to watch “The National Dog Show”. This year’s show takes place at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on November 19-20, with approximately 2,000 dogs from more than 200 breeds competing for best in show.

Driving the news: This year, AKC is adding three new dogs to its list of recognized breeds.

  • They include the Mudi, Russian Toy and Bracco Italiano, longtime analyst David Frei, who has chaired thousands of dog shows over the decades, told Axios.

What they say : Frei – formerly described as “dogs facewith a voice as soft as a St. Bernard” – said terriers have tended to dominate the field in recent years, while newer breeds generally have a high chance of winning.

  • “It’s a tough road for them,” Frei said. “It’s kind of a judge-controlled event. It’s tough for new breeds because they haven’t been shown yet and there’s nothing to compare them to. It’s always an uphill battle .”

Rollback: The top show winner from last year was a Scottish Deerhound named Claire, according to the pioneer woman.

Breakdown of races: The Bracco Italiano is a former Italian bird hunting dog that became the 200th member to be added to the AKC list earlier this year. the Associated Press reported.

  • Lean with a well sculpted head, he is sometimes called the Italian Pointing Dog and has his roots in Europe.
  • It wasn’t introduced to the United States until the 1990s, and Frei said it looked like a “basset with legs and a kind of happy look on its face.”

The Russian Toy is an elegant little dog, with long legs, fine bones and a lean, muscular frame. They are intelligent and eager to please owners, but can be “slightly aloof with strangers.”

  • Frei called them the “dog that goes with you anywhere”.

The Mudipronounced “moody”, is a Hungarian farm dog known for being versatile, agile and courageous.

  • They are able to hustle the “most stubborn cattle” without being overly aggressive.

The bottom line: Frei’s advice for die-hard fans and newcomers is always the same as his endorsement of every dog ​​show: “The real best in the show is the dog you have on the couch next to you. Hug your dog. “


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