National dog show offers special treatment in Prince Albert


“We have a very active dog club. It’s a small club but very active and we have a dedicated group who work really hard to put on a show twice a year,” she said.

Those heading to the show this week shouldn’t expect to see any fancy tricks or jumps. Maloney explained that these dogs receive points based on standing height, width, and even length.

“Judges need to know the standards of each breed here. A few hundred dog breeds, and they judge every dog ​​by the standard,” she explained.

Breeders aim to earn points for the Canadian championship. Maloney told viewers that the competition is an opportunity to see many different dog breeds and perhaps see which is best for their own family.

“Each breed of dog has a different personality, different temperament, different traits, and every family and every person is different and here you match your dog to your personality,” Maloney adds that each of the breeders can also provide valuable information for families with questions.

Priscilla Kornelson’s standard poodle, Brigg, is among the standout contestants, and for obvious reasons. Kornelson, who is from Calgary, was thrilled to come to Prince Albert.

“It’s just a great opportunity for a lot of shows in a few days and we can show up, get some points and hopefully get our next title,” she said.

Valerin Bandas de Craven, has been competing for over 40 years. She is here this year with her Old English Sheepdog “Marshall”.

“I’ve bred good quality dogs generation after generation and it’s fun to come and have them recognized,” she replied when asked about her passion.

Bandas added that the key to these shows is preparation.

“Obviously you have to have a good dog and you have to learn how to groom your breed appropriately and show it appropriately,” she said.

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