NFT Community Builds East Africa’s Largest Dog Shelter | by Abhimanyu Bhargava | Jul 2022


You don’t want to miss this if you are a dog lover!

Photo courtesy – The Doge Pound Twitter

Most people think NFTs are just pretty JPEGs. But there is more than meets the eye. Many NFT communities are making a real impact by pursuing causes they truly believe in.

One such example is The Doge Pound, an NFT community of dog lovers seeking to build the largest dog shelter in East Africa and beyond. It’s no longer a dream as they have just opened their dog rescue shelter in Uchira, in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

The Doge Pound Shelter team with the dogs
Photo Courtesy – The Doge Pound Blog

The Doge Pound NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique dog-themed artworks minted on the Ethereum blockchain in July 2021. Over time, it has naturally evolved into a thriving community of dog lovers.

Their original plan was to donate a modest sum of around $30,000 to canine charities. But the team got in touch with Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue, a project of Share Tanzania, and quickly realized that a one-time donation was not enough to realize their vision of supporting dogs around the world.

They eventually agreed to build a new dog rescue shelter and jointly named it Doge Pound Shelter.

Here are images from November of last year, about a month after construction began.

The Doge Pound x Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue team did a great job updating the community on the progress as everyone was eagerly awaiting the end of the construction work. Here is a tour of the Doge Pound Shelter from May.

The construction work is divided into three phases, according to the website.

Stage 1

  • Fence (exterior and interior)
  • First kennel blocks
  • Kitchen
  • Water pipe
  • Plumbing and sewer chamber
  • Bathroom
  • Solar energy and generators

Stage 2

  • Desk
  • Operation
  • Remaining kennel blocks

Phase 3

Much of phase 1 is complete and the shelter is now officially open to welcome dogs

The Doge Pound team plans to continue supporting the shelter financially and to help expand this initiative to other locations. They pledged a percentage of their royalties from secondary sales on Opensea to the dog shelter.

It’s one thing to build a dog shelter, but running it constantly comes with a lot of expense, and the team is constantly trying to find sponsors from web2 brands to provide a steady source of funding for the Doge Pound Shelter.

Dogs playing with the vet in the Doge Pound Shelter
Photo courtesy – Doge Pound Shelter

Once construction is complete, the team plans to conduct awareness campaigns and vaccination campaigns in the region of Tanzania. Here are some planned initiatives as described in one of the blogs.

  • Set up spaying and neutering clinics in the area to reduce the colossal number of street dogs.
  • Run vaccination programs for dogs in the Kilimanjaro region to prevent fear of diseases such as rabies.
  • Educate and expose children to bring about cultural change and instill compassion towards dogs from an early age.
  • Organize training programs for Tanzanian volunteers to learn from certified dog trainers.
  • Volunteer program for The Doge Pound holders and others interested in volunteering at the shelter.

Although The Doge Pound makes regular contributions, that won’t be enough. There are ongoing costs such as employment, essential items such as vehicles, running costs (electricity, water, maintenance, etc.), dog food, vaccinations and medications.

The shelter not only rescues dogs, but also provides a safe place for orphaned children from the nearby Children’s Village run by Share Tanzania. Studies suggest that pets can have a positive impact on a child’s mental health and development. From time to time, these children come to these dog shelters to play with dogs and find the love and care that is missing in their lives.

Photo courtesy – Doge Pound Shelter

If you want to donate, you can do so via fiat or crypto on their donation page. No amount is big or small. Every act of kindness counts!

Many organizations donate to charity, but very few manage to do so and ensure their vision comes to fruition. Every time someone buys The Doge Pound NFT, a portion goes towards funding The Doge Pound Shelter. As a starter who worked directly with the team, I’m proud to be part of this journey.

This story is a testament to what NFT communities can achieve, and I hope this is just the start of many such stories in the NFT space.

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