One Eastern Iowa Woman’s Unique Battle Against Dog Breed Ban


Banning certain types of dog breeds has been a hot topic in the state of Iowa for the past few months. Over the summer, 10 families in Keystone, Iowa were ordered to get rid of their dogs that were either Pitt Bulls or looked like Pit Bulls.

This county ordinance was deemed vague by many people because it was not necessary to prove whether or not their dog was a Pit Bull. A woman from Dubuque, Iowa has found a creative way to fight breed bans in the state.

Stephanie Sanders is the owner of Mom Puppy Clothes and not only does she fight against breed bans, but she also gives back to rescues and shelters in her area at the same time. According KCRG, more than 60 cities in Iowa have breed-specific legislation and support banning certain dog breeds they have deemed “dangerous.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Pitt Bulls are a high priority.

I have always personally believed that dogs are a reflection of their owners. I have had more problems in my life with small “ankle biting” dogs than I have ever had with larger ones. I’m at the point where I think if you want to own a dog, you should have to take some kind of dog training course.

In my opinion, bad owners are a much bigger problem than any type of bad dog breed. Sanders and Pupper Mom Apparel want “focus on behavior rather than race”according KCRG. Sanders and Pupper Mom Apparel sell out Iowans Against Breed Bans t-shirts and bandanas as a way to unite Iowans and raise money for local shelters. She said KCRG

Really, the goal here is just to reach as many people as possible and somehow unite all the people around this state who believe in this. There’s a lot of people I’ve come across like co-workers and such and they have no idea that breed bans even exist in the state of Iowa so I just want to get the word out to everyone world

A portion of sales goes to help rescues and shelters every day. They recently presented their first check to Cedar Valley Pit Bull Rescue for over $1,000.

Donna Penne is the founder of Cedar Valley Pit Bull Rescue, in Waterloo, Iowa, and she couldn’t be more grateful to receive the check for $1,086.51, as it helps so much with the vet bills. She said KCRG

It was just awesome and it couldn’t come at a better time because with the economy the way it is you know the vet bills are going up and getting a check for $1000 really helps with those vet bills That we have.

If you’re considering owning a dog in your life, you need to know in advance that it’s a LOT of work. A dog is not a toy that you play with for a few weeks and then push away. They should be treated like a member of the family.

Owning a dog takes time, patience, consistency, love and care. This might shock some people, but if you’re a bad dog owner and have a “bad dog,” that’s your responsibility. Maybe we should start banning bad owners instead.

Pupper Mom Apparel will send a portion of its September sales to PAW Fort Madison.

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