Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association Hosts 11th Annual Dog Show


Over the weekend, the Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association held its 11th annual United Kennel Club Dog All-Breed Dog Show at the Beltrami County Fairgrounds.

The event held two main competitive events, these being “Confirmation” and “Obedience Rally”. The rally takes competing dogs through a timed obstacle course set up by a judge, where the dog must perform commands such as sit, turn around and lie down.

The other event was a confirmation, which is a ranked competition. Dog breeds are separated into categories based on the original purpose of the breed, such as hunting or herding. Once a “best dog” is selected for each category, the representative dogs will compete to determine which is the best in show. Each day of the event, each individual judge selected a dog to receive the prestigious award.

Whether a dog received a ribbon or not, it seems that exhibitors and organizers all share one opinion: they love dogs.

“We’re like family,” explained Kathy Lamping, organizer of the Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association, “You just gain a lot of friendships, and you meet a lot of people, and we all have a passion for dogs.”

While some say the competition can be a “ruff” race, having such a passionate community of people around you can feel like a dog walk in the park.

If you are interested in joining the Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association or are curious about the upcoming events they have planned, you can visit their website. here.

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