‘Pawsome’ volunteers are wanted for a local dog rescue charity


The local charity, now based near Cooroy, provides this service to veterans and first responders, living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), because of their service to our community.

Getting an assistance dog can be life changing and in some cases even life saving.

Their service dogs are provided free of charge to their clients (handlers), who have provided a lifetime of service in their field, and they provide lifetime support to each PTSD service dog and their handler.

This organization is almost entirely volunteer run and relies solely on grants, sponsorships and donations to operate and at this time they are calling on anyone interested in helping to contact them.

The dogs they rescue end up abandoned and homeless placed in cold and unwelcoming metal cages and kept in alien surroundings that are loud, scary and totally alien to any home environment.

Through no fault of their own or through unfortunate circumstances, these often once-beloved and often well-behaved dogs find themselves on death row and in pounds and shelters, hoping and needing a second chance at life. .

Dogs experience similar emotions to us humans, including fear, frustration, anxiety, joy, love, trust, and respect.

PTSD Dogs Australia has been in the field since 2018, rescuing dogs straight from death row books and shelters, and leading the way in training rescue dogs to become psychiatric service dogs for PTSD , instead of using puppy breeding programs, thereby reducing dog euthanasia rates and reducing wait times for a service dog.

They desperately need more volunteers to help in several areas, including general administrative duties, and to help run fundraising market stalls and at fundraising events.

Volunteers are the lifeline to rescue dogs that rescue veterans and first responders, so help save two lives in one go! Volunteer now, to help make this possible.

If you have the time to spare and the necessary skills, join the pack.

Anyone interested in volunteering for PTSD Dogs Australia, please call 0488 10 10 26 or visit www.ptsddogs.org.au


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