Perthshire Dog Rescue Charity welcomes new law that will crack down on puppy breeding


New legislation in Scotland that aims to crack down on cruel puppy breeding has been welcomed by a Perthshire-based dog rescue charity.

Known as ‘Lucy’s Law’, this means that puppies and kittens can no longer be sold in Scotland by a third party seller – such as a pet store or commercial dealer – unless they themselves. raised the animal.

Instead, starting in September, anyone wishing to buy or adopt a puppy under six months old should deal directly with the breeder or an animal placement center.

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The new regulations state that Scottish breeders will need a license if they breed three or more litters per year, which will hopefully help tackle bad dog breeding practices.

The new law has also been hailed as “long overdue and crucial” by the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organization dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs.

Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society (PADS) President Alison Kennedy said: “Any legislation that helps end the abuse and cruelty of puppy breeding must be welcome.

“It is truly incredible that the horrors of mass rearing of puppies and kittens have been tolerated for so long.

“All of us who care about animals will be happy that this new legislation is finally underway in Scotland, and we have to thank the Kennel Club for their efforts to make it happen.

“However, it is hoped that these new restrictions on the insensitive exploitation of animals will be strictly enforced.

“Unfortunately, animal laws can often be ignored.

“For example, the microchip regulations that were introduced and welcomed about five years ago remain loosely enforced, and we still see many dogs that haven’t been microchipped, dogs whose fleas haven’t. been recorded and animals whose microchips do not bear the correct details.

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“Laws and regulations are only acceptable if they are properly enforced.

“However, let’s hope this new ‘Lucy’s Law’ will be enforced more effectively to help end the horrific profit-making puppy trade.

“And I hope its introduction might encourage potential dog owners themselves to research reputable breeders before purchasing their pets.”


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