Pet of the Week: Meet Juniper, from Austin Dog Rescue!


Austin Dog Rescue presents Juniper for Studio 512’s Bluebonnet Animal Hospital & Riverside Vet Pet of the Week.

Volunteers say, “Juniper is an adorable 26-pound, 5-month-old blond puppy with a black muzzle. She is extremely sweet and loves affection given that she was a wanderer who probably lived most of her life outdoors. She is sweet and calm for her age but also enjoys playing with toys and dogs and being with her people. She’s excited to greet people and jump around, but we’re working on that and other basic ways.

“She has a huge box of toys and loves ones that are squishy, ​​squeaky, crinkly and fluffy. She also shows an interest in fetching tennis balls. Her 3 new foster siblings have been busy teaching her all about the deer, squirrels and birds in her huge fenced yard.She doesn’t have much prey but likes to chase birds out of the yard.

“She can be a little shy in new surroundings, but always welcomes new people with a fidgety body and a wagging tail. We keep an eye on her in our house while we’re actively training at home, and she’s doing amazing. We have a dog door which we will be giving him access to soon. She always has a tendency to pick up something in the house that isn’t hers, but she responds well to corrections and distractions.

“The Juniper is crate trained and sleeps quietly through the night and can also be crated for several hours during the day with no problem. She learned ‘sit’ the first day with us and we are working on ‘down’, other basic commands and leash walking techniques. We will expose him to typical household sounds (vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, lawn blowers, doorbells, etc.) and continue to work on the puppy’s socialization skills.

“Juniper is neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and flea and heartworm prevention.”

Profile of Juniper

Age: 5 months

Looks like: shepherd’s mix

Gender: Women

Available for adoption: NOW

Cats: Unknown

Good with children: Good with all children

Is. Adult weight: 50 pounds

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