PETA calls on Channel 4 to stop airing Crufts Dog Show because ‘nobody should be celebrating this grotesque charade’


Crufts is an international dog show that calls itself “The World’s Largest Dog Show”. PETA is calling out this annual dog event in the UK as being in fact the cruellest dog show in the world and demanding that Channel 4 remove it from the television schedule.

PETA had numerous campaigns on this gruesome dog show which they called a “grotesque charade” that has an “obsession with ‘breed purity'”.

Source: Guardian News/YouTube

Crufts promotes the horrible dog breeding industry and nurtures the idea that purebred dogs are more worthy than other mixed puppies. Their restrictions on appearance and only purebred dogs favor overbreeding in puppy mills.

These shows encourage people to buy purebred dogs because they think they are “better” than a mixed pooch at the shelter. People watch these dog shows and feel they need a purebred dog. Many breeders see an increase in demand for a certain breed when that animal wins a competition like this.

Whenever there is a surge in the market for a specific breed, troublesome puppy mills and breeders jump at the chance to make a quick buck and breed these dogs en masse. Animal lovers are demanding that Channel 4 remove Crufts from the programme.

Source: The Humane Society of the United States / YouTube

The show first aired on the BBC until a broadcaster carried out an investigation into how dogs suffer from genetic diseases after years and years of inbreeding for the event. The BBC then dropped the dog show in 2008. The RSPCA no longer attends the event and withdrew its support.

The show now airs on Channel 4 and More4, and PETA is calling on executives to “act in the best interests of animals and stop giving airtime” to Crufts.

PETA petition can be signed here and says, “With his obsession with ‘breed purity’, Crufts popularizes grossly exaggerated features in animals and awards prizes to dogs whose physical abnormalities prevent them from leading happy lives – pugs with sunken faces who can barely breathing, Cavalier King Charles spaniels whose brains are too big for their skulls, and bulldogs that can’t even mate without assistance, to name a few examples.

“The culture of breeding also has wider implications for canine welfare. While breeders recoup thousands of pounds for sick purebred puppies, thousands of healthy adoptable dogs in animal shelters are denied their chance in a loving home.

Far too often, animals are exploited for glory or entertainment. This cruel dog show shouldn’t have space on any network, and people need to know the true costs of mass dog breeding. Sign this petition to stop the Crufts dog show!

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