Petition: Demand investigation into dog ‘rescue’ where hundreds of dogs were found abused and dead


When Heard County animal control officers went to rescue a pup that a vulture was trying to grab and fly away, they were unprepared for what they would find. Vultures surrounded a rescue center, and one of them was trying to grab a pup and fly away with it. When officers went to Dogs Rock Rescue, they found hundreds of dead dogs that were decomposing and being torn apart by vultures.

Source: WSB-TV/YouTube

Heard County Sheriff’s Deputies sent nearly 200 dogs of all ages from various states to Dogs Rock Rescue, west of Atlanta, Georgia. Dogs that were alive suffered from emaciation, starvation and dehydration. They were sick and had not had veterinary care. The dogs were in dirty little cages and the dead dogs were eaten by maggots. What is terrifying is that this place had a license to operate.

Animal abuse is more widespread than many realize. According petpedia, every 60 seconds an animal is mistreated, with more than 65% being dogs. More than 10 million animals die of abuse each year in the United States alone, not counting livestock raised for consumption, which also suffer immense abuse. Animal abuse happens everywhere and is a serious problem. We need more laws to protect animals and hold perpetrators accountable.

Sign this petition to demand an investigation into this cruel dog rescue in Georgia.

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