PFA seeks land for stray dog ​​shelter/hospital, government financial support


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PONDA: Today, with about 5,000 dogs in Ponda and around Panchayat, people are afraid to go out for walks in the morning or evening, and there are risks of dog bite cases in children by stray dogs.
In Ponda Hospital, over the past few years, a monthly average of 50-60 cases of dog bite cases are reported as people increasingly demand to control the threat of stray dogs in each panchayat.
The NGO People for Animal (PFA) working in Curti Ponda for rabies treatment, neutering and vaccination highlighted the need for increased government financial support and land for stray dog ​​hospitals. A plot of 5000 m² essential for shed. Currently PFA working in ranching land.
If we look at Ponda Sub-district Hospital, records show more than 50-60 cases of dog bites every month. In this context, it is necessary to control the population of stray dogs.
Tejan Naik, head of the PFA, said that since 2002, the PFA has been dedicated to providing services to society and helping to treat stray dogs.
He said if the government provided more support, it would be in a better position to deliver services to people. He said that at present the government provides financial assistance of Rs 980 per stray dog ​​for sterilization and rabies vaccination.
“So far, we have sterilized 2261 stray dogs, and an equal number of rabies vaccines have been given to them as well. In our dog shelter, after sterilization and vaccination, we mark cuts in the shape of V over the ears of neutered male and female dogs and lay them where they were picked up,” he said.
According to Tejan, PFA has started sterilization and rabies vaccination in PMC jurisdiction, Borim, Kundaim, Bhoma, Savoiverem, Kavlem and has currently started in Bandora. In addition to this, sterilization is required in other Panchayats in Ponda Taluka.
He also said people should cooperate with PFA members to catch stray dogs as they soon run away with their PFA vehicle.
He said about 14 staff worked for PFA, which includes doctors, eight staff to catch dogs and other staff.
“We are struggling to meet the monthly staff expenses. Government aid of Rs 980 per dog sterilization is not enough for our salary; however OPD managed by us to care for private dogs and hospitalization helps us with the expenses, but this is not enough. We need more financial support and even donations from the public to free them from the threat of dogs,” he said.


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