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PHOENIX (3TV / CBS5 5) – Arizona Small Dog Rescue hopes you have room in your heart – and in your home – for a special Chihuahua mix named JoAnne. The little dog ended up in the care of Arizona Small Dog Rescue when her owner passed away. The organization says that even though JoAnne is “seriously sweet and affectionate” people continue to miss her. An Arizona Small Dog Rescue volunteer describes JoAnne as “the greatest sweetheart of all time.”

JoAnne is 10 years old and she’s all kinds of adorable. (Note the ears.) Vets believe she survived distemper, which is often fatal in dogs. She was missing four teeth and recently had six more extracted. “JoAnne has tremors that make her fidget a little more”, according to Arizona Small Dog Rescue. “This impairment manifests itself when she is walking or when she is really aroused, but she relaxes and stays still while she sleeps through the night (preferably next to her human).”

JoAnne is a bit of a diva and loves to be the center of attention, so she’ll have to be the only dog ​​in her new home. She wants to keep her humans to herself. When it comes to human siblings, Arizona Small Dog Rescue has said it will do better with older, dog-aware children who will respect its limits.

JoAnne, who is in foster care, walks well on a leash and does the housework. Arizona Small Dog Rescue says her new family will need to be patient and consistent with them as they get used to their surroundings and the people.

If you would like to meet JoAnne, Arizona Small Dog Rescue says you can contact her adoptive mother at 602-320-5470.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue is a nonprofit shelter that “accepts dogs of all conditions,” which means it handles veterinary care, including vaccinations and sterilization, as needed. The main functions of the organization are adoption, promotion and microchipping. For more information call 602-944-2440 or consult

Even if you can’t adopt JoAnne, you can still support the shelter and the dogs in its care by making a online donation.

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