Pine Island dog wins big at Westminster Dog Show


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – A Pine Island dog takes top honors at the Westminster Kennel Club’s 146th annual dog show.

GCHG CH Ciara N’ Honeygait Belle of the Ball CGC, or Belle, is a four-year-old English Setter who has been competing in dog shows since she was six and a half months old.

There were 3,088 dogs entered and 211 different breeds represented at this year’s Westminster Dog Show last week in Tarrytown, New York.

Belle competed against 22 other English Setters and won the “Best of Breed” award.

Beautiful a four year old English Setter(KTTC)

This sent her to the group competition, where she won in the athletic group and then competed for best in show.

“We were very proud of her and proud to represent the English Setter breed and have her as a pet and a wonderful show dog,” said Belle co-owner Van Jacobson.

Although Belle did not win Best of Show, she became the first English Setter to win the Sporting Group.

Throughout Westminster’s 146-year history, six other English Setters have won this group, the last time being 40 years ago.

Belle’s owners are Van Jacobson and Lee Afdalh of Pine Island and Amanda and Vito Ciaravino of Crete, Illinois, who is also one of her breeders.

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